Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 7 – Thank You


I made it to the last day, wohooo I’m really proud of myself right now for being consistent! And this is the last post in this Harry Potter Anniversary Week created by Margaret

Although I’m one day behind but oh well. Today I’m going to tell you a short story about my early years when I was first discovered Harry Potter!

When I was a young girl my dad bought me a book, I remember he said “manga are for little kids, and you’re not little anymore” and I replied “but I am little, books are boring”. But he didn’t stop encouraging me. Every time he came home from work he always brought a new book hoping I would eventually read, but I never read them, I just didn’t interested. And then he found a new way to approach me, he brought home a VCD of Harry Potter and The Scorcerer’s Stone, and boy I was speechless and amaze by this new magical world, it’s something I’ve ever seen or even imagine before. After we finished the movie I immediately look for the book and read it in one sitting.

And just like that, I become a legit Potterhead. I was this socially awkward child and had a problem with making friends so back then Harry Potter books are my only companion but I don’t mind at all because I love them so much. I didn’t know there’s a friend who share my interest with HP until I actually brought the book to school, we talked a lot about HP books, we were being called nerd back then because we both love to read and wear glasses, but that was my most precious moment to date. Little did we know, we become a solid friend and potterhead until now!

Harry Potter was not only brought me to my very first friend, it’s also brought me to the love of reading. Waiting for the next Harry Potter book came out was literal pain, so I kept myself busy with reading every books I could find. My Dad totally support my new hobby and he bought me a ridiculous amount of books every now and then.

Thank you Dad, for your non stop effort to turn me into your little bookdragon, for introducing me to my favorite series ever, for telling me how reading is awesome, and for never give up on me.

And to my other hero, Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Thank you, for this whole magic you brought into my life. I will forever treasure your stories. Always.

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7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 7 – Thank You

  1. Aww, you told me that the first movie of Harry Potter got you into reading, and I totally relate to it! I feel like most Potterheads love this series for helping them connect to people, so I find this so beautiful. Lovely letter! ❤

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    1. Thank you! It’s a precious memory I’d hold for my entire life!!! Yeah HP pretty much change my life, if it wasn’t for that books maybe I won’t like reading at all 😂


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