Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 6 – Harry Potter Bucket List

Our dearly beloved series, Harry Potter will turn 21 on June 26th so everyone who’s participating in this challenge will be posting Harry Potter related to celebrate the series for a week! There’ll be a different theme each day, you can check out the details for each of them in Margaret’s post.

Today is supposed to be a wildcard, a free topic that you could do as long as it’s Hary Potter related. I haven’t planned anything for this theme yet and yesterday I saw this really fun post and I think I should definitely do this tag! You could find the orginal post here, she’s actually the creator of this tag!

Okay, to start this off! You’re at Diagon Alley before your Hogwarts year… What 5 stores do you want to visit the most?

giphy (16)

I would go to Gringotts first to draw my deposit to buy all of my necessities, I kinda love to see the inside of the bank! And the next place I’d go would be Flourish and Blotts, I’d probably spend a lot of time there deciding which books to buy, honestly can I buy them all? Next, I’d go to Ollivanders of course, my phoenix feather core wand is waiting for me! Next is Madam Malkins, I don’t want to be the only first year student without a robe! Final destination is definitely Weasley Wizard Wheezes. But of course I want to go to all the shops there!!

The school year’s starting! What 5 subjects are you dying to take?

I always love D.A.D.A,  charms, transfiguration, potions, and maybe I’d took apparitions in my 6th year!

What are the top 5 spells you want to learn?

giphy (18)

All the useful spells like Accio, I’m a lazy person so this spell might come in handy. Alohomora might be useful too, when I want to sneak in and out. Apparate is the most useful spell and I really need to learn it. Expecto Patronum is the only weapon to fight dementor so I might want to learn that immediately. And maybe Finite Incantatem, that would be so useful in battle!

What magical foods would you love to try?

giphy (17)

Butterbeer seems so tasty, Berty Bott’s every flavor beans, chocolate frog and sound producing chocolate are really fun to try, and am I weird if I want that birthday cake Hagrid made for Harry?

What Hogwarts textbooks would you like to read/have access to?

giphy (19)

Book of Spells, Monster Book of Monsters, Hogwarts History, Curses and Counter Curses, Defence Against the Dark Arts!

What 5 magical creatures do you most want to see?

Nifflers, Dragon, Occamy, Hippogriff, Phoenix!

What 5 magical places do you want to visit the most?

giphy (21)

I’d like to visit all the magic school, so I’ll start with Ilvermony and Beauxbatons, maybe I could try the exchange program to those school? Every shops in Diagon Alley of course!! The Burrow, maybe I could be one of the Weasleys? Please adopt me Mr and Mrs Weasley! Last place is Hogsmeade!

What 5 parties or celebrations would you like to attend?

giphy (20)

Hogwarts Feast of course! Christmas at The Burrow, Yule Ball, Slug Club Christmas Party, and Quidditch Word Cup!

And lastly… What 5 magical things do you want to do the most?

Being a student at Hogwarts, flying with broom (but I won’t play Quidditch because I’m suck at sports), participate in Triziward (and win!), wander off with invisibiliy cloak and marauder map in hand, and



9 thoughts on “Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 6 – Harry Potter Bucket List

  1. Cool! I’ve never seen this tag before, so I might add this on my own bucket list. 😉

    And oh my gosh same, I really want that birthday cake too! The frosting looks so freaking yummy. Also, choosing Ilvermony and Beauxbatons as schools to visit is totally smart; I would totally do an exchange program there! And lol I’m a lazy person too, so I feel Accio is definitely the best one to learn. 😉 Great post! Loved reading your answers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should, this tag is so fun! I know right, thank God I’m not the only one or it’d be weird. I might ask Hagrid to made them personalized for me. Accio is a life saver, yes!

      AND OMG after all this time I was just realized that I haven’t followed you! OMG!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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