The Holiday Drinks Book Tag

Even though we don’t have winter here but I’d still love to imagine how it feels like to be be in bed all day while it’s snowing outside, with a cozy blanket, a warm drink, and of course a book!

So thank you to Leisha for tagging me to do The Holiday Drinks Book Tag. Check out the original post here!

1. Hot Chocolate: Marshmallows and chocolate and whipped cream, oh my! Recommend a book that’s sweet through and through.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Well romance is not exactly my thing but I read this book a few months ago and I think it was pretty sweet. Peter K is an absolute bae 💕

2. Peppermint Mocha: The flavour of peppermint is strong and distinct. Recommend a book with a lot of strong emotions.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Honestly, I can’t think of any other books that fit into this category. This book plays with my emotion, I was a sobbing mess, I was disappointed, I was smitten, I was in love, I was heartbroken. I felt a lot of emotions while reading a single book and it was such an amazing reading experience for me!

3. Apple Cider: It’s so good it can’t be good for you, but it’s from apples—that means it’s healthy, right? Recommend a book full of characters with questionable morals.

The Young Elite – People would say that this book is full of villanious characters. But I personally don’t think they are pure villains. I was really fascinated by Adelina’s character, she’s so complex and three dimensional, I mean sure she did monstrous things sometimes but I totally understand why she did it and I don’t think she did what she did with a totally bad intention.

4. Eggnog: It’s creamy and smooth, with a little spice, and some people even add alcohol to it. Recommend a book that’s mostly fun, with just a hint of danger.

A Place Called Perfect – It’s the latest middle grade book that I read and I was completely obsessed! The adventure is so fun to follow and it was so thrilling.

5. Gingerbread Latte: A drink with a veritable explosion of spices. Recommend a book with a lot of action.

Lifelik3 – I don’t think my heart was ever rest when I read this. This book had me sitting on the brink of my chair in every pages I read from the beginning until the very end!


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Listicle Tag

The lovely Caro tagged me for the Listicle Tag a long time ago, thank you for tagging me love and I’m sorry it took me so long to do this 😂

The Rules

  • Create your own listicle tag, using the prompt from the person who tagged you.
  • Tag the creator of the postnot-so-modern-girl, so that I can read all your brilliant posts and see how the joy of listicles is being spread.
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  • Set those people the subject/prompt of their listicle post

lineOh no, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse! Which five characters would you want on your team to help you survive as long as possible?

This is a tricky question actually, I could just choose some badass characters but they are usually selfish or super annoying, they might end up sacrifice me or I might end up killing myself. So I have to choose wisely, I have to choose some tough characters who I could stand being around them for quite long time!

First thing first, we need a brain and I can’t think of anyone else beside Hermione, she got brain, bravery, and she’s calm under pressure and assuming I’m her best friend then she won’t have any problem with me. Plus she have magic, she could just flick it and yell some spell and we’re all safe!

We also need a mechanic, in case we need to steal a car or break an ATM machine or whatever it is that require tools, then we need Leo Valdez in the team. He also have a pyrokinetic ability to burn them zombies! But the most important skill he has is humor, he might make a silly jokes that could humor the team!

There’s no doubt we’re going to need food to survive and Piper Mc.Lean could provide it with her cornucopia, it’s the easiest way to get food rather than scavenge the abandoned stores. She also has charmspeak in case we have to charm the zombies to steer clear.

Ezekiel will be the muscle, since he’s an android I doubt the zombies will want to eat his brain. He has super strength and he’s very cute! So I don’t see the reason why I don’t want him in my team.

In case Ezekiel is out of battery, or power (I don’t exactly understand how android works) and we can’t find the energy to jumpstart him then we need another protector who’s as strong as him and I choose Diana the Wonder Woman.


So my prompt for you is…..

You have the power to bring five fictional characters to life, who would you choose? And why?

And I tag thee:

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Who would you choose to be in your team in a zombie apocalypse? Do we have the same character?







Literary Dinner Party Tag

Another tag where I wasn’t actually tagged! I saw this tag everywhere so I decided to do this because it was so fun!

1. One character who can cook/likes to cook

I could only think of one person….


Souma is the MC from Food Wars/ Shokugeki No Soma, an anime that I’ve been obsessed for the last few years. It’s about a food war at a prestigious cooking academy which always make me hungry and drooling over the foods!

2. One character who has money to fund the party

This party will be fund by Prince Maxon, held in the beautiful castle of his.

3. One character who might cause a scene

Daisy Winters from Royals! She’s a rebel and she can’t keep her mouth shut, she always says what she had in mind even if it’s insulting!

4. One character who is funny/amusing


My favorite guy Captain Thorne is the perfect person to fit this category. He will probably introduced himself to people and charm every ladies in the party!

5. One character who is super social/popular

One GIF says it all…



6. One villain

I would like to have Adelina Amouteru from The Young Elite, well she’s not technnically a villain, more like anti villain I think? The poor girl deserve something nice every one in a while!

7. One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic

I don’t want Souma to be the only anime character in my party, so here’s anime couple that I’d love to attend!


They are Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka from my favorite manga/anime Toradora!

8. One hero/heroine

My boy Valdez is coming to LIT up the party y’all! Make some noise!!!


9. One underappreciated character

Cath from Heartless! She is absolutely adorable and sweet but people don’t appreciate her! Poor girl. She is  totally invited and she would probably bring those delicious cakes along with her!

10. One character of your own choosing

I want miss Lemon Fresh cause she surely knows how to make jokes and she’s super fun to hang out with.

Not tagging anyone. Please feel free to do this tag if you want.


You’re all invited! Would you come? Who would you bring to this party as your plus one?


Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

I can’t believe June is about to end and we only have six months left to slay all of our TBR and you can totally see how I’m freaking out right now, because I’m such a slow reader lately because of work and other life happening. I can’t believe it, SIX MONTHS!


I originally planned to read only 25 books this year but I think I could do more and then I change my goal to 50, what an ambitious goal. And now I’m freaking out because boy that was a long way to reach my goal!

Anyway, have we friend each other in Goodreads? Add me as a friend if you like to by clicking the GR challenge banner above!

1.Best Book You’ve Read so Far in 2018


Ha, you know I’d choose Children of Blood and Bone right? I can’t believe any human could come up with such a great story and great characters. I can hardly believe that this is a debut!

2. Best Sequel You’ve Read so Far in 2018


Well I don’t read much sequel this year but this one is definitely my favorite so far. Well it might be biased because of Rick Riordan, you know how much I love the man!

 3. A New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Really Want To


To Kill A Kingdom! I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about that book so you can tell that I’m really really curious to find out what the hype is about!

4. Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of the Year

And so many other books, seriously there are so many. But this is my top three, Storm Runner is Rick Riordan imprint so you know I’m in. I love Strange the Dreamer so much so I can’t wait for Muse of Nightmares. Mirage is a debut high fantasy, the blurb sounds so promising!

5. Your Biggest Disappointment


Uggh this book, I can’t even talk about it right now. Just read my review here if you want to know why I was disappointed. Continue reading “Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag”

Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 7 – Thank You


I made it to the last day, wohooo I’m really proud of myself right now for being consistent! And this is the last post in this Harry Potter Anniversary Week created by Margaret

Although I’m one day behind but oh well. Today I’m going to tell you a short story about my early years when I was first discovered Harry Potter!

When I was a young girl my dad bought me a book, I remember he said “manga are for little kids, and you’re not little anymore” and I replied “but I am little, books are boring”. But he didn’t stop encouraging me. Every time he came home from work he always brought a new book hoping I would eventually read, but I never read them, I just didn’t interested. And then he found a new way to approach me, he brought home a VCD of Harry Potter and The Scorcerer’s Stone, and boy I was speechless and amaze by this new magical world, it’s something I’ve ever seen or even imagine before. After we finished the movie I immediately look for the book and read it in one sitting.

And just like that, I become a legit Potterhead. I was this socially awkward child and had a problem with making friends so back then Harry Potter books are my only companion but I don’t mind at all because I love them so much. I didn’t know there’s a friend who share my interest with HP until I actually brought the book to school, we talked a lot about HP books, we were being called nerd back then because we both love to read and wear glasses, but that was my most precious moment to date. Little did we know, we become a solid friend and potterhead until now!

Harry Potter was not only brought me to my very first friend, it’s also brought me to the love of reading. Waiting for the next Harry Potter book came out was literal pain, so I kept myself busy with reading every books I could find. My Dad totally support my new hobby and he bought me a ridiculous amount of books every now and then.

Thank you Dad, for your non stop effort to turn me into your little bookdragon, for introducing me to my favorite series ever, for telling me how reading is awesome, and for never give up on me.

And to my other hero, Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Thank you, for this whole magic you brought into my life. I will forever treasure your stories. Always.

giphy (22).gif


Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 6 – Harry Potter Bucket List

Our dearly beloved series, Harry Potter will turn 21 on June 26th so everyone who’s participating in this challenge will be posting Harry Potter related to celebrate the series for a week! There’ll be a different theme each day, you can check out the details for each of them in Margaret’s post.

Today is supposed to be a wildcard, a free topic that you could do as long as it’s Hary Potter related. I haven’t planned anything for this theme yet and yesterday I saw this really fun post and I think I should definitely do this tag! You could find the orginal post here, she’s actually the creator of this tag!

Okay, to start this off! You’re at Diagon Alley before your Hogwarts year… What 5 stores do you want to visit the most?

giphy (16)

I would go to Gringotts first to draw my deposit to buy all of my necessities, I kinda love to see the inside of the bank! And the next place I’d go would be Flourish and Blotts, I’d probably spend a lot of time there deciding which books to buy, honestly can I buy them all? Next, I’d go to Ollivanders of course, my phoenix feather core wand is waiting for me! Next is Madam Malkins, I don’t want to be the only first year student without a robe! Final destination is definitely Weasley Wizard Wheezes. But of course I want to go to all the shops there!!

The school year’s starting! What 5 subjects are you dying to take?

I always love D.A.D.A,  charms, transfiguration, potions, and maybe I’d took apparitions in my 6th year!

What are the top 5 spells you want to learn?

giphy (18)

All the useful spells like Accio, I’m a lazy person so this spell might come in handy. Alohomora might be useful too, when I want to sneak in and out. Apparate is the most useful spell and I really need to learn it. Expecto Patronum is the only weapon to fight dementor so I might want to learn that immediately. And maybe Finite Incantatem, that would be so useful in battle!

What magical foods would you love to try?

giphy (17)

Butterbeer seems so tasty, Berty Bott’s every flavor beans, chocolate frog and sound producing chocolate are really fun to try, and am I weird if I want that birthday cake Hagrid made for Harry?

What Hogwarts textbooks would you like to read/have access to?

giphy (19)

Book of Spells, Monster Book of Monsters, Hogwarts History, Curses and Counter Curses, Defence Against the Dark Arts!

What 5 magical creatures do you most want to see?

Nifflers, Dragon, Occamy, Hippogriff, Phoenix!

What 5 magical places do you want to visit the most?

giphy (21)

I’d like to visit all the magic school, so I’ll start with Ilvermony and Beauxbatons, maybe I could try the exchange program to those school? Every shops in Diagon Alley of course!! The Burrow, maybe I could be one of the Weasleys? Please adopt me Mr and Mrs Weasley! Last place is Hogsmeade!

What 5 parties or celebrations would you like to attend?

giphy (20)

Hogwarts Feast of course! Christmas at The Burrow, Yule Ball, Slug Club Christmas Party, and Quidditch Word Cup!

And lastly… What 5 magical things do you want to do the most?

Being a student at Hogwarts, flying with broom (but I won’t play Quidditch because I’m suck at sports), participate in Triziward (and win!), wander off with invisibiliy cloak and marauder map in hand, and



Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 5 – Ships

Our dearly beloved series, Harry Potter will turn 21 on June 26th so everyone who’s participating in this challenge will be posting Harry Potter related to celebrate the series for a week! There’ll be a different theme each day, you can check out the details for each of them in Margaret’s post.

Okay so today is all about ships, there are couples that I think meant to be together and I actually root for them, but there are couples I don’t think had a chemistry and better off with someone else. So here goes:


1. Ron and Hermione

First couple that I adore with my whole heart is Ron and Hermione. I’ve been rooting for them since the very beginning and I’m so glad that they end up together!

giphy (12)

giphy (13)

I loove friends to lover trope and it’s even better because it’s a slow burn romance which I really like. I mean we have to wait for so long until they realize that they like each other, and God I think Ron is clueless but really sweet.

2. Neville and Luna

giphy (14)

Now, if anybody ever told me that these two don’t deserve each other than I’ll spit on their faces!


giphy (15)

Um excuse me? Does anybody really think that they fit for each other? I think they have absolutely no chemistry or whatsoever.


Do you agree with me here? Or do you have different opinion? Please tell me, promise I won’t spit on your face!



Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 4 – Harry Potter Related Story

Our dearly beloved series, Harry Potter will turn 21 on June 26th so everyone who’s participating in this challenge will be posting Harry Potter related to celebrate the series for a week! There’ll be a different theme each day, you can check out the details for each of them in Margaret’s post.

I supposed to post this yesterday, but as usual work gets in the way. So regarding this topic, I want to talk about how Harry Potter literally change my life.

I was introduced by Harry Potter when I was 6 year old. My father bought me Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and I remembered I said to my father that I don’t like reading books (I’m a manga addict back then so the only book I read was manga). But my father was so determined he bought the DVD so I can watch it first.


One afternoon we watched it together with my entire family. And I still remember that feeling, I stare at the screen trying so hard not to blink because I was afraid that I would miss any magical moments, I was so mesmerized and captivated by the wizarding world ever since.

I read the book as soon as we finished the movie and that was my first book, since then I keep asking for more. I read any books I could find in my house, in school library, and public library. I was just so eager to see the new worlds through books.

giphy (10)

I was this awkward child who had trouble to make friends (still am) and ever since I found books I’m just done trying so hard to fit in, I was just sit there and read my books. One time I brought my Harry Potter books to school and my friends was like “wow, you read the books?” and “you like Harry Potter too?” then just like that, I found my people!

Maybe that’s why Harry Potter and The Sorcere’s Stone book matter the most to me because the memories I had with this book was too precious!


What made you read Harry Potter in the first place? What was your precious moments with Harry Potter?


Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 3 – Top 7 characters

Our dearly beloved series, Harry Potter will turn 21 on June 26th so everyone who’s participating in this challenge will be posting Harry Potter related to celebrate the series for a week! There’ll be a different theme each day, you can check out the details for each of them in Margaret’s post.

This is the third day of the challenge and of course we’re going to pick favorites again! Aaah alright I’ll do it, but this is not in particular order because you can’t make me rank them!

giphy (4)

Harry Potter

Well of course I like him he’s the whole deal of this series. Although to be quite honest, he might be the least favorite of this top 7. He’s brave, obviously, but he’s not the one who thinks before he acts and that sometimes hurt other people.

giphy (1)

Ron Weasley aka My Bae

I honestly can’t imagine if there’s no character as clumsy and awkward, and funny, and also as charming as Ron in this series. He’s no brave, no smart, but he sure is the most loyal friend!

giphy (2)

Hermione Granger

My most favorite woman in this whole series! She’s like the whole package, smart, brave, wise, sass, and she stands by Harry literally all the time! Continue reading “Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 3 – Top 7 characters”

Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 2 – Rank the Books and/or Movies

Our dearly beloved series, Harry Potter will turn 21 on June 26th so everyone who’s participating in this challenge will be posting Harry Potter related to celebrate the series for a week! There’ll be a different theme each day, you can check out the details for each of them in Margaret’s post.

This day 2 prompt is really killing me, how could you rank the books out of a favorite series? But for the sake of my commitment to this challenge I’d still do this!

7. Prisoner of Azkaban


I’m happy that Harry get to meet Lupin and Sirius in this book but I feel like this book is less adventurous than the other. But idk, it has been forever since my last re-read so I may forget the details, that’s why 😂



6. The Order of the Phoenix


I feel like this book is much darker than the previous books. I still remember when I first read this I feel so confuse because things are getting more serious. I really hate Umbridge but thanks to her we get the most badass gang called DA.



5. The Chamber of Secrets


I love seeing the adventure of the golden trio to find out the creature that’s haunting Hogwarts. I love the battle in the chamber, and this is when their friendship develop to the higher level!


Continue reading “Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 2 – Rank the Books and/or Movies”