Top 5 Tuesday: Books I Despise but You Probably Loved (Please Don’t Kill Me!)


Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah and this week’s topic is Books That Didn’t Lived Up to the Hype,

It’s time for a controversial post and I hope you guys didn’t hate me for this, because I got some books that I didn’t like which you guys probably loved so much! But hey, what’s a community without a little bit of difference right?

So here’s the list of top 5 books that didn’t work for me but are adore by so many people!



I saw so many of you guys really liked this book and it was hyped a couple of years ago. I finally read it a few months ago and it didn’t work for me, I didn’t hate this book, it’s an okay read but I can’t see why this book was such overhyped! I’ve write a review and you can read it here if you’d like!

The Raven Cycle

The fandom of The Raven Cycle is so huge, there are a lot of people in love with the book, the characters, and the writing. But sadly this book is not for me, the world is confusing, and the pace is so slow, the characters are great though but as you probably know that I’m more of a plot person than the characters so… Here‘s my review if you’d like to read it!


I really love the basic idea of the future world without death and there has to be Scythe to control the population, but that’s the only thing that I like about this book. The pace is dragging, the characters are forgettable, and I didn’t really like the plot. Here‘s my review!


This book is a weird mix between fantasy and sci-fi and it just didn’t work well for me. There are not much happening in this book, it feels flat to me, the world is super weird, but the characters are pretty great. It’s an okay read for me, read my full review here.

Six of Crows

I read this book a long time ago before I even blog so I haven’t write a review yet. I jumped into this book without reading The Grisha trilogy first and I think it was a big mistake, because I was so confused with the world and some of the strange terms in this book. I know so many people love the characters and I can see why, but I just don’t feel the connection to any of them. I do want to re-read this (after I read The Grisha Trilogy first) and I guess we’ll see if I would change my mind.



What book did you think was overhyped?

Do you like the books that I mention here? 





Top 5 Tuesday: My Fictional Squad Shenanigans

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah and this week’s topic is Characters I’d Want to be My Bestfriend

Lemon Fresh

(Lifelike by Jay Kristoff)

When I first heard about this week’s prompt, the first character that pop to my mind is Lemon Fresh. She has the most unique name and personality, she’s so funny and brave. If there’s an award for the most loyal friend she absolutely gonna win it!

Hermione Granger

(Harry Potter by J.K Rowling)


We all need one brainiac in our squad and I want to have this girl in mine! She is smart, butt kicking, and she has a pure kind heart!

Daisy Winters

(Royals by Rachel Hawkins)

Daisy is a really honest person, she often runs into trouble because of her unfiltered mouth. She has bad tempered and say whatever that comes to her mind no matter how insulting. But despite all that, she’s a really fun person to be with.


(The Lunar Chronicle by Marissa Meyer)

Who doesn’t want this cute and fun android in their team? She always gives the best advice and could easily live up the party!

Sue Heck

(The Middle)

giphy (29)

I really admire this girl energy and positivity, two things that I don’t have! She also doesn’t give a damn to what people think about her, she is the kindest person!

linechatWho’s your top 5 characters you want as a bestfriend? Do we have the same characters in our list?