Wrap Up: June 2018

books i bought


  1. Ash Princess
  2. The Gallery
  3. The Siren
  4. The Explorer
  5. Red Rising
  6. Caraval
  7. Harry Potter Movie Magic Vol.2

These are the books I bought this month, Red Rising, Caraval, and HP are not in the picture because I just ordered them from my local online bookstore, they have 50% off, it’s such a steal right! So I bought 7 books in total this month after May book buying ban. Such a shelf control I have! Pfff.



  1. Otherwood
  2. Begone The Raggedy Withches
  3. The Dollar Kids

I got these e-ARCs from NetGalley. I’m currently reading The Dollar Kids right now but I’m distracted by something else, mostly work and video games, a lot of video games! Continue reading “Wrap Up: June 2018”