TV Talk: The Goldbergs

You won’t believe how sceptical I was before actually watch this series. I do judge something by it’s cover/poster, and when I first discovered this movie I was like “what is this old thing?” and “why is the poster so lame?” but then I was curious because of it’s good reviews and high rating, so I decided to give it a try. And, it turns out to be one of the best family/drama/comedy I’ve ever seen!

MV5BMTA4ODUwODEzMzReQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDM0NjM3NjMy._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family

Taglines: Oh, like your family was so cool in the 80’s

Status: On Going (Season 5)

IMDb Rating: 8.2

The Goldbergs is a sitcom aired on ABC, produced by Adam F. Goldberg based on his family and childhood back in 1980’s.

Set in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, the story follows little Adam, the youngest of three siblings who’s also a geek and obsessed with movie making. The movie is entirely from Adam’s POV as he sees life in the 80’s through his lazy eyes and camera lens.

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