City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab


Title: City of Ghosts
Author: Victoria Schwab
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pages: 282 pages
Publication Date: August 28th, 2018
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Paranormal
Rating: 3,5

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Cassidy Blake’s parents are The Inspectres, a (somewhat inept) ghost-hunting team. But Cass herself can REALLY see ghosts. In fact, her best friend, Jacob, just happens to be one.

When The Inspectres head to ultra-haunted Edinburgh, Scotland, for their new TV show, Cass—and Jacob—come along. In Scotland, Cass is surrounded by ghosts, not all of them friendly. Then she meets Lara, a girl who can also see the dead. But Lara tells Cassidy that as an In-betweener, their job is to send ghosts permanently beyond the Veil. Cass isn’t sure about her new mission, but she does know the sinister Red Raven haunting the city doesn’t belong in her world. Cassidy’s powers will draw her into an epic fight that stretches through the worlds of the living and the dead, in order to save herself. 


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Cassidy is a weird kid, she has an old camera that she bring everywhere, she has weird parents who wrote books about paranormal activity, she has a ghost as a best friend, and yes, she could see ghosts. Her supernatural ability began when she was drowned in the river and almost die, a boy named Jacob saved her, but later she found out that Jacob is a ghost. Ever since Jacob saved her, they become connected to one another. Cassidy not only could see ghosts, but she also could enter the veil, where the ghost live in their own world and memory.

The story become interesting when Cassidy’s parents get a chance to shoot a show in Edinburg, the most haunted city on earth, and Cassidy has no choice but to follow along. Cassidy and Jacob’s thrilling adventure starts here as they discover so many scary and powerful ghosts that could actually harm them if they’re not careful.

Although the idea is not very original but I really enjoy the story, I love how we could also get a thing or two history lessons of Edinburg. The adventure is thrilling and fun, the story is nothing new and very predictable, but this is a great and entertaining story.


I loved but also a little bit confused of the world that Schwab created in this book, I feel so weird reading about things I could not understand but this is a really personal opinion, for example like how Cassidy could feel the veil and the tap tap tap feeling in her shoulder, and I’m really confused of how this veil works, ghosts in their own timeloop and memory and all. Well maybe I was overthinking this, again, this is only my personal opinion. But weirdness aside, I found myself enjoying the stories behind each ghosts they encounter, like how they died and what has been keeping them in the veil.

The world is also a little bit darker than I expected, there are slightly disturbing issues such as, death in general and the various ways of death which I’m not really sure are appropriate for Middle Grade.


This is the first V.E. Schwab book I ever read so I couldn’t compare the writing style with her previous books (which I’m sure it’d be different from her YA books). I love the writing style, it’s light and easy to follow. Although I feel like the HP references are a bit too much.


Cassidy and Jacob are two lovable characters. Cassidy is a brave kid with so many curiosities and Jacob is usually the voice of reason, to restrain her from doing something reckless and stupid, he’s not brave but he should be brave for Cassidy. I love how heartwarming their friendship is, how they really depend and understand each other.



Victoria “V.E.” Schwab is the #1 NYT, USA, and Indie bestselling author of more than a dozen books, including Vicious, the Shades of Magic series, and This Savage Song. Her work has received critical acclaim, been featured by EW and The New York Times, been translated into more than a dozen languages, and been optioned for TV and Film. The Independent calls her the “natural successor to Diana Wynne Jones” and touts her “enviable, almost Gaimanesque ability to switch between styles, genres, and tones.”

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Have you read this book? What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion?





Middle Grade Monday: Granted by John David Anderson

I can’t believe it’s Middle Grade Monday Already! In case you missed my last week announcement about this, I decided to make this weekly post where I’m gonna talk about one MG book every monday.

If you love MG books as much as I do, feel free to participate to spread the love of middle-grade books. You just have to choose one book that you’ve read or the one in your TBR and tell us a little bit about the book, and don’t forget to link back to me!

And today I want to talk to you a little bit about a MG fantasy book that I’ve read a couple of months ago.


35068662Everyone who wishes upon a star, or a candle, or a penny thrown into a fountain knows that you’re not allowed to tell anyone what you’ve wished for. But even so, there is someone out there who hears it. 

In a magical land called the Haven lives a young fairy named Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets. Ophela is no ordinary fairy—she is a Granter: one of the select fairies whose job it is to venture out into the world and grant the wishes of unsuspecting humans every day.

It’s the work of the Granters that generates the magic that allows the fairies to do what they do, and to keep the Haven hidden and safe. But with worldwide magic levels at an all-time low, this is not as easy as it sounds. On a typical day, only a small fraction of the millions of potential wishes gets granted.

Today, however, is anything but typical. Because today, Ophelia is going to get her very first wish-granting assignment.

And she’s about to discover that figuring out how to truly give someone what they want takes much more than a handful of fairy dust.

lineOphelia, an ambitious and perfectionist little fairy, have finally given her first mission, her first wish to grant. She prepared for this moment for her entire life, but the journey she’s about to take is not as easy as it seems. Ophelia was faced with so many obstacles in her journey, she was forced to get out of her comfort zone, and surprisingly made an unusual friendship.

I love Anderson’s writing, it’s perfect for middle grade. Simple, enjoyable, and easy to understand. It’s full of pun and humorous line.

It’s so hard not to love this book, the friendship, the charactersa and the adventure are very well written!

I actually have written a review about this book, it you’re interested in reading it, you can click this link!



March “I WISH” Owlcrate Jr Box

Yaaaay it’s unboxing time again! And I’ve got a good news, I’ve been chosen as a rep again for April-June period!! OMG you don’t know how grateful I am to be a rep for this amazing company again!

So this is it, March “I WISH” box, let’s see what’s inside this magical box!


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Title: Nevermoor
Author: Jessica Townsend
Publisher: Orion Childrens Book
Pages: 374 pages
Year of Publication: 2017
Rating: (1)
lineI get asked a lot which fantasy world I’d die to visit, and for years my answer will be “ J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World, duh.” Until Jessica Townsend introduced me to a whole new magical world called Nevermoor.

It’s not like I would replace Harry Potter series with this book, but for all this time, it’s been the ONLY books I always came back to. But not anymore! Nevermoor now hold a special place in my heart too.

I was always waiting for my Hogwarts letter you know, but now, a patron to get me to Nevermoor sounds as promising too. Okay enough rambling, I’m gonna tell you how amazing this book is.

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The Crowns of Croswald

Title: The Crowns of Croswald
Author: D.E. Night
Publisher: Stories Untold Press
Pages: 314 pages
Year of Publication: 2017
Rating: 4
lineThank you Stories Untold publisher for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is about Ivy, an orphan whose unknown origin, who has lived for 16 years as a scauldron maid in a palace. Until one day, an incident forced her to leave the palace. When she crossed the border, the magic inside her awaken and it made her end up at a magic school called the Hall of Ivy. Her adventures started in this place, when she discovered something unusual about her that nobody even noticed, she was determined to find out the secret that had been long forgotten.

No, it’s not Harry Potter. It’s true that they have several similarities and the idea is very much the same, but Croswald is an entirely different world, I assure you.

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Happy 1st Anniversary Owlcrate Jr!

Happy anniversary Owlcrate Jr, keep being amazing and provide us great middle grade books! Yaaay here’s cupcakes for y’all 🙌🙌🙌

In case you didn’t know Owcrate Jr is a subscription box full of fun and surprises, for kids aged 8-12 (or anyone young at heart)! Each month the subscribers will receive a magical delivery featuring a brand new middle grade novel, exclusive goodies from the author, and 3-5 unique and usable items built around that month’s theme that encourage curiosity, creativity, and imagination!

I’ve been their representative for this past three months and it has been the best experience of my life! I got to discover so many amazing middle grade books, so many magical goodies, and get to meet so many friends with the same interest! And I’m so sad because my rep period is about to end 😭😭😭😭

I tried to take aesthetic pictures of all books and goodies included in the January and February boxes (March didn’t included because mine hasn’t arrived yet I started to think it’s lost in the shipment 😭😭😭😭) but as you can see, I failed miserably 😂


Anyway, have you seen their April’s theme yet? It’s MYTH AND MIGHT guys! If you’re a fans of all of Rick Riordan’s books, The School for Good and Evil series, Bartimaeus Trilogy, and mythology of all kind, then this box is perfect for you!

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February “WILD MAGIC” Owlcrate Jr Box

I think it’s safe to post my February Owlcrate Jr WILD MAGIC unboxing now! So here’s the list of the items inside this magical box.


🔥The outstanding book of the month: ARLO FINCH IN THE VALLEY OF FIRE by @johnaugust! As always, there are a signed bookplate and special letter from the author included, plus a pocket sized Pine Mountain Co. Field Notes book! Bonus for teachers, parents and homeschoolers, there are some great discussion questions in the back of the book!
🔥THE YETI FILES, a hilarious graphic novel @kevinsherry all about Bigfeet, Yetis, and their cryptid buddies!
🔥An awesome bandana designed by @erin_gibbs, featuring cryptids like the Jersey Devil and the Loveland Frogman!
🔥A knot guide kit designed by @ashleyvis that teaches you how to tie all the knots that Arlo and his Ranger friends learn!
🔥A magnet with an illustration by @carsonellis from the WILDWOOD CHRONICLES!

March theme is ‘I WISH…’ and it will feature a fantastic new contemporary fairytale, plus a puzzle from@newyorkpuzzleco! This box is available now and quantities are limited!! So if you wish to subscribe for Owlcrate Jr box for less price, you could use my rep code OLOGYST10 to get 10% off. There, your wish has been granted 😉



January “SUGAR AND SPICE” Owlcrate Jr Box

I thought that my January Owcrate Jr box was lost in the shipment, so when it came to my doorstep this morning, I’m beyond happy 😭

I’ve been chosen as one of their representative for January-March and I’m so grateful for that amazing opportunity that have been given to me. For those of you who haven’t know what Owlcrate Jr is, well it’s a subscription box full of fun and surprises for kids aged 8-12 (or anyone young at heart, which is basically me!). Each month the subscribers will receive a magical delivery featuring a brand new middle grade novel, exclusive goodies from the author, and 3-5 unique and usable items built around that month’s theme that encourage curiosity, creativity, and imagination! You could check their website here and see the previous magical box that had been delivered!

So the theme for January box was Sugar and Spice and there are so many useful baking goodies included and an amazing book along with the signed bookplate and an exclusive letter frm the author. Here’s what came inside this magical box:

27878001_168801123753088_6808141265788469248_n (1)

🍪 A cute apron with owlcrate jr logo
🍪 A mini green rolling pin
🍪 Moana themed sprinkles mix from @stbakeshop
🍪 Skull cookie cutter from @fredandfriends
🍪 Cute little food stickers from @weareooly
🍪 A set of vanilla scented macaroon erasers (they smell so amazing!) also from @weareooly
🍪 Mini cupcake pin
🍪 And the book is Love, Sugar, Magic: A Dash of Trouble by Anna Meriano. It came with a letter from the author, a signed book plate, and a special recipe for Pan de Muerto! I’m gonna test the recipe soon!

Seriously I was blown away by how many items this little box contained, and it truly is full of magic! February theme is WILD MAGIC! It will included a thrilling fantasy adventure full of courage, friendship, and mystery. You’re going to love it, guys you should subscribe if you haven’t! Don’t forget to use my rep code OLOGYST10 to get 10% off for your first subscription!