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The lovely Caro tagged me for the Listicle Tag a long time ago, thank you for tagging me love and I’m sorry it took me so long to do this 😂

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lineOh no, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse! Which five characters would you want on your team to help you survive as long as possible?

This is a tricky question actually, I could just choose some badass characters but they are usually selfish or super annoying, they might end up sacrifice me or I might end up killing myself. So I have to choose wisely, I have to choose some tough characters who I could stand being around them for quite long time!

First thing first, we need a brain and I can’t think of anyone else beside Hermione, she got brain, bravery, and she’s calm under pressure and assuming I’m her best friend then she won’t have any problem with me. Plus she have magic, she could just flick it and yell some spell and we’re all safe!

We also need a mechanic, in case we need to steal a car or break an ATM machine or whatever it is that require tools, then we need Leo Valdez in the team. He also have a pyrokinetic ability to burn them zombies! But the most important skill he has is humor, he might make a silly jokes that could humor the team!

There’s no doubt we’re going to need food to survive and Piper Mc.Lean could provide it with her cornucopia, it’s the easiest way to get food rather than scavenge the abandoned stores. She also has charmspeak in case we have to charm the zombies to steer clear.

Ezekiel will be the muscle, since he’s an android I doubt the zombies will want to eat his brain. He has super strength and he’s very cute! So I don’t see the reason why I don’t want him in my team.

In case Ezekiel is out of battery, or power (I don’t exactly understand how android works) and we can’t find the energy to jumpstart him then we need another protector who’s as strong as him and I choose Diana the Wonder Woman.


So my prompt for you is…..

You have the power to bring five fictional characters to life, who would you choose? And why?

And I tag thee:

No pressure! You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!



Who would you choose to be in your team in a zombie apocalypse? Do we have the same character?







Disney Princess Book Tag

I saw this really fun tag from Sophie’s blog and I know I have to tag myself to do this!

The Rules

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  • Play a game of tag at the end!


Snow White


This Book (like the Movie) Started It All

Favorite Debut Book From an Author

My favorite debut is no doubt Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. It’s written fantastically it’s hard to believe that it’s her first book.



cinderella tag

A Diamond in the Rough

Just Like Cinderella, You Either Didn’t Expect Much Out of This Character in the Beginning But Turned Out to Be a Total Jem 
Oh God, this is how I felt about Darayavahoush, a bad tempered Daeva from The City of Brass book, but as the story progress you could see the scars and all the loves in his heart.


auroraSleeping Beauty

A Book That Makes You Sleepy or Just Could Not Hold Your Attention
I usually never get bored when it comes to middle grade fantasy, but this one is just too weird and slooow, the writing is very whimsical, but the story isn’t that bad. It’s just hard to get into this book.


ariel tag

Under the Sea

A Book With a Water/Ocean Setting
Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead. The third and final installment from Magnus Chase series.
29714377_170238903788985_1908617323846041600_n (3)

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Meme Book Tag

I saw this really fun tag from Melanie ‘s blog so I decided to tag myself, because why not?! You’re very welcome to participate to! This Meme Book Tag was originally created by Books are my Social Life & Dylanthereader5!

➽ 1. Crying Kim Kardashian – A book that made you cry. 

Children of Blood and Bone? I actually didn’t cry actual tears but in some scenes my eyes were watery. That book leave me in complete mess. I was sad, angry, laugh, there are so many emotions in that book, but mostly anger that seep deep inside your heart and make you want to cry.

➽ 2. Salt Bae – A book that needed a little something more. 

It’s The Crowns of Croswald for me. The story is too focused on the main character, yeah I know that was the main character is meant for, but seriously there are two supporting characters and they’re not getting enough portion in the story.

➽ 3. Guy thinking – A book that made you think. 

A Wrinkle in TIme, it’s funny how a middle grade science-fantasy book could turn your brain around. But really, have you guys read the series? It’s very confusing!

➽ 4. Confused guy – A book whose hype you don’t understand. 

The Raven Cycle! I have only read the first one,  The Raven Boys, and I don’t get why so many people was obsessed with that series because I don’t understand a damn thing even after finishing that book. Continue reading “Meme Book Tag”