The Holiday Drinks Book Tag

Even though we don’t have winter here but I’d still love to imagine how it feels like to be be in bed all day while it’s snowing outside, with a cozy blanket, a warm drink, and of course a book!

So thank you to Leisha for tagging me to do The Holiday Drinks Book Tag. Check out the original post here!

1. Hot Chocolate: Marshmallows and chocolate and whipped cream, oh my! Recommend a book that’s sweet through and through.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Well romance is not exactly my thing but I read this book a few months ago and I think it was pretty sweet. Peter K is an absolute bae 💕

2. Peppermint Mocha: The flavour of peppermint is strong and distinct. Recommend a book with a lot of strong emotions.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Honestly, I can’t think of any other books that fit into this category. This book plays with my emotion, I was a sobbing mess, I was disappointed, I was smitten, I was in love, I was heartbroken. I felt a lot of emotions while reading a single book and it was such an amazing reading experience for me!

3. Apple Cider: It’s so good it can’t be good for you, but it’s from apples—that means it’s healthy, right? Recommend a book full of characters with questionable morals.

The Young Elite – People would say that this book is full of villanious characters. But I personally don’t think they are pure villains. I was really fascinated by Adelina’s character, she’s so complex and three dimensional, I mean sure she did monstrous things sometimes but I totally understand why she did it and I don’t think she did what she did with a totally bad intention.

4. Eggnog: It’s creamy and smooth, with a little spice, and some people even add alcohol to it. Recommend a book that’s mostly fun, with just a hint of danger.

A Place Called Perfect – It’s the latest middle grade book that I read and I was completely obsessed! The adventure is so fun to follow and it was so thrilling.

5. Gingerbread Latte: A drink with a veritable explosion of spices. Recommend a book with a lot of action.

Lifelik3 – I don’t think my heart was ever rest when I read this. This book had me sitting on the brink of my chair in every pages I read from the beginning until the very end!


I tag you:

No pressure to do this love 💕







33 thoughts on “The Holiday Drinks Book Tag

    1. I haven’t read Nevernight but I’m sure it was great, so many people loved it!! And you should totally read Lifelik3, it was AMAZING!!


  1. Great answers! I totally agree with you on LifeL1k3! I haven’t read TATBILB series but I really want to give it a shot! I loved the first book in the Young Elite series but I haven’t finished rest of the series yet. I hope I’ll get back to it someday!
    Thank you so much for the tag! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TATBILB series is a very cute books that had me giggling like a teenage girl LOL you should read it if you want something light and cute. TYE is so dark but I love it, I love the characters!! I hope you ove them when you read it!!

      You’re welcome, no pressure to do it though 💕


    1. I know right, I immediately made a cup of hot chocolate after posting this! Oh I’m sure Evelyn Hugo will wreck you as well my friend! I hope you like it when you read it!

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  2. ahhhh im so excited to do this tagggg!!!????? ++ I’ll do it while drinking peppermint tea and feeling fluffy c: c: c: c:

    also, i can’t wait to read The Young Elites, it was recommended to me so long ago and I’m still on the wait list at the library lskdfjslkjf

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaahh looking forward to read your post, but no pressure! Aww peppermint tea is so relaxing!

      TYE is so goood!! I hope you could read it soon babe!

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    1. Don’t we all love Peter K 💕 Gaaaah you should read Evelyn Hugo, it was AMAZING!! Yaay glad you’re on the same side as me about Adelina, she really is fascinating!


  3. Thank you so much for doing my tag!
    The Young Elites is actually my least favorite series by Marie Lu, but I still really like it, and you’re 100% right about the characters’ grayness.


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