WWW Wednesday


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam. To participate, you just have to answer these following questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you will read next?

current read


I’m reading a very short poetry book by indie local author right now. The book title is Windy Field, I just started so I don’t have much to say yet but I love the poems so far! I still have to catch up with my reviews, there are two more books I need to review. Hopefully I will get back to reading bigger book this weekend!

just finished


Alternating between YA and MG book seems to improve my reading productivity! I often feel kinda tired after reading YA fantasy book and MG book restore the fun! I finished Descendants of War: Magic’s Demise and it was an okay read for me, review will be coming up soon. And after that I read A Place Called Perfect and I loved it, it’s probably has the most unique world and plot!! I think I’ll read the sequel soon after I finished what I’m reading right now and maybe I’ll write mini review for both the first and second book!

next read


I’m gonna read The Trouble with Perfect because I’m in love with the world and the character! And you know how I recently obsessed with Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing style ever since I read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, so I decided to read One True Loves, I heard nothing but great things about this book!


Have you read any of these? Do you recommend them? What are you reading right now? What did you just read? Do you like it? What are you going to read next?Leave your WWW link below so I could check on them!





26 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. The Helena Duggan books look really interesting! I am reading The Hate You Give, Dragon Pearl a Middle Grade Book and also a Newbery winner, Tale of Despereaux. 😊 I haven’t finished my www yet… I’m a bit behind this morning…😴

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    1. It is so interesting, I’m obsessed with that book! I have yet to read THUG, I hope you enjoy it! OMG Dragon Pearl is my most anticipated book, so envy!!!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about both book!!

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  2. I am really intrigued by One True Love Carolina because as you said I’ve heard many good things about it too! Now a question that I have: which font do you use for your name and the “thinner” letters? This is just gorgeous!

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    1. I’m excited to read it!! I hope you get the chance to read it too Sophie, it sounds like the book you would enjoy! Ahh thank you! The font I used is Bleinheim Signature, but I can’t remember where I downloaded it 😂. Which thinner letters do you mean?

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    1. Honestly I really drawn to the cover at first so I read it without knowing what it’s about at all! And I’m so glad that the inside is just as beautiful as the outside!!! I agree, both covers are so amazing!!!


  3. I do find alternating between MG and other genres helps me read more too (and not fall into the dreaded reading slump!) A great technique hahaha

    Helena Duggan’s books have the loveliest of covers! I want to check them out just for those alone ❤

    I hope you enjoy your next reads, Carolina 🙂 I've recently finished City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab (and reviewed it as well, if you're interested) and am currently listening to Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. Not sure what I'll read next but probably something Halloweeny ^^

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    1. The cover of those books by Helena Duggan are probably the prettiest, and I love the story so much too!

      I’m gonna read your review of City of Ghost soon, I’ve heard mixed review of The Coldest Girl in Town but I hope you like it! Happy reading Sophie 💕


  4. You know, I totally agree with you about feeling a bit tired after reading YA Fantasy, which is kind of funny because that’s like 99.9% what I read. But there is just something about MG Fantasy that is so light and fun and pure MAGIC. I now want to read A Place Called Perfect because not only does the blurb on Goodreads sound really interesting but, LOOK AT THAT COVERRRRRRR. Anyways, great post, as always 🙂

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    1. I know right? That’s why I always alternate between YA and MG, or else I will fall right into reading slump. I totally agree with you, MG fantasy is so fun to read, it’s mostly original! YESSS you should read A Place Called Perfect, because that book is cute and full of adventure!! And the cover is indeed gorgeous!! Thak you so much Kat!!

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