Wrap Up: September (2018)


I DID IT Y’ALL!! I didn’t buy a single book in September, this is the first time I’ve succesfully done it! I was distracted by so many things this month, my work and my health, I had no time to shop for books!

I only got one book from subscription box this month, it was City of Ghost, I got it from Owlcrate Jr. I was so happy they included this book in the box because this is one of my most anticipated book!


books i read

Despite all my workload and my health issue, I still manage to read 4 books this month. I kinda proud of myself!

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I was surprised by how good this book was, Historical Fiction is not exactly my thing but this one is good! I’ve heard high praises about this book and it makes me really anxious to read it but I’m glad to find that all the great things I’ve been hearing about this book are true! I will post my review of this book soon!!



I didn’t watch many movies this month but this movie is surely become my favorite. It was so fun and the musics are the best! That Macarena scene though 😂



It’s the season premiere of Manifest and I honestly think that the pilot episode is so promising. The series centers on the passengers and crews of a commercial airliner who suddenly reappear after being presumed dead for five years, they are not only alive but they also didn’t age a day.



My brother has been forcing me to play this game for years, and now that I finished all the gameplay in My Time at Portia, I have nothing left to play until the next update, so I decided to give this game a try. This is a story rich adventure game about a girl who could travel back in time, I have only played the first chapter so I can’t say much about this game yet, but I love the graphic, the story, and the mysteries!




Song for a Lost Kingdom


Calendar Girls: Best Novel Set in School


Top 5 Tuesday

My Fictional Squad Shenanigans

Top 10 Tuesday

Drama/Comedy Series That Deserves More Attention

WWW Wedneday

September 12th


The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane


The Supporter Award


How’s your September read? How many books did you read? Any favorite book, movie, series, or song? Tell me all, I need to know!! Also, drop your Wrap Up link below so I could visit!





27 thoughts on “Wrap Up: September (2018)

  1. Hi there. I enjoy your blog so much! I write fantasy and historic fiction. I also am wondering about your blog software. May I ask your opinion on mail lists/newsletter processing? Maybe in an email? Thanks! Laura

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    1. Hi Laura, my blog is pretty basic actually, but sure you can ask me anything! You can find my email at contact page 😊


    1. Aaaahh Lifelike is my favorite too!! I can’t wait fo the sequel!! Hope you have a wonderful October too Raven!!


    1. Haha good things I had so many distraction las month! I just finished City of Ghost and it was so good!!! Thank you Alicia 💕

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  2. My Lady Jane was definitely a fun read! I read it last year when I was taking a European History course, so it was really interesting for me to catch all the English history references while reading the book. And congrats on not buying any new books in September! (But we all know, as bookworms, that book-buying bans can’t last long 😂)

    I hope you have a wonderful month of October!

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    1. I need to learn more history by reading historical fiction book 😂. Aww thanks, I know I won’t last long, I already made a list of books I want to buy this month LOL, one of them is Everblaze, I’m so thrilled!!

      Have a wonderful October too Zoie!

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