The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane

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Title: The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane
Author: Drea Damara
Publisher: BHC Press/Indigo
Pages: 400 pages
Year of Publication: September 27th, 2018
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Magic
Rating: 2,5

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Welcome to Blinney Lane, a historical Salem shopping district controlled by a witch’s curse.

Sarah Allister just wants a normal life running her bookstore and daydreaming about the handsome deliveryman. Contentment seems within reach, even if she has to deal with the daily phenomena that occur in her shop.

But when her spirited nephew shows up to spend the summer, all bets are off. Now Sarah must keep Ricky from discovering the curse of Blinney Lane and awakening its full power.

Will Ricky heed Sarah’s warnings? Or will he accidentally awaken the magical weeping books and send Sarah back to a land she swore to forget?

Get ready for a modern fairy tale that will sweep you away to lands beyond your imagination.


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Drea Damara grew up in Illinois working on her family’s farm. Raised in a home of seven with only one television, she spent her free time reading and roaming the woods. She set writing aside to join the Army and later returned to the Middle East, conducting similar work as a civilian. Drea enjoys writing in multiple genres and is currently working on additional installments of her Blinney Lane series.


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I think you’re going to love this book if you like a fantasy story about magical land from a magic book, medieval setting, adventure, and love story in it! I’m sorry I can’t write a review like I usually do because I’ve been in hospital this past few days, my bronchitis is acting up again. I wish you all well and hope you read a great book!





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