Top Ten Tuesday: What I Read When I’m in Reading Slump

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together

I really don’t know if I ever been in a reading slump before. I mean, I never get tired of reading, but I always feel bored when I read too many YA fantasy and I always want to read something different whenever I feel like that. So this is what I read when I need a break from YA fantasy:

Light and Cute Romance

I rarely read romance, but this is the first genre I always go back to whenever I got tired of YA fantasy. I always look for something light, fun, and cute, and these are my guilty pleasure:



Anything by Rick Riordan

Reading books by your favorite author surely help you through reading slump! For me it’s Rick Riordan!



Middle-Grade Books

Any middle-grade books always work to cure my slump, even if it’s fantasy. Because MG fantasy is somehow different from YA, it’s lighter and more fun, I could always enjoy reading it!



What do you do when you are in reading slump? Do you take a break? Or do you continue reading anyway?


41 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: What I Read When I’m in Reading Slump

  1. Great choices! I definitely take a break from reading and THEN pick up something that is light and fun! I think taking a break can be healthy. Otherwise, I’m forcing it and reading becomes a chore.

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    1. I totally agree! You would never force yourself to do something you didn’t want to! But I just don’t think I have ever been in reading slump before, like really in a slump. Usually I just got tired of YA fantasy because I read that kind of books a lot.

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      1. I read almost everyday, so I get in slumps a lot. Mostly, right now. haha. Yeah, if I read a lot of fantasy, which I normally do, I get tired of it. I need to mix it up a bit!

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      2. Ahh so that’s why you have reading slump, I totally understand. I only read in the weekend so there’s no way I could have reading slump I guess. I always try to alternate my read between YA fantasy-MG-YA contemporary, maybe that would help!

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  2. The Selection is one of my fav! And what I do is either read “bad” books before going for very good books (or I would not enjoy them as much reading them when in a slump) or begin many books and …ranting!


    1. Glad you agree with me, they totally ease your mind! Aru Shah is super funny and adventurous, her writing is superb, sadly I haven’t read her YA books, where do you think should I start?

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    1. I’m so happy to hear this!! MG has been my favorite since, well since I was a child, and I never outgrow them LOL. I’m glad that you liked The Dollar House too, it’s such a moving story about lost and acceptance!

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    1. Something light and fun always work to pull you out of slump, right?! Aaaah we have the same interests, I love K-Drama, manga, and webtoon too!! Care to share your favorite??


      1. My favorite k-dramas are my love from another star, master sun, the heir, kill me, heal me and so many more. My list for mangas is pretty long. My current favorite webtoons are I love yoo, empyrea, purple hyacinth, mission diversion, asura’s bride, my dear cold blooded king, and unordinary.

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      2. I love all the dramans you mentioned! I’m not familiar with some of the webtoon though, but I’ll definitely look for them. Thank you so much Raven 💕


    1. His books are always funny and has amazing characters, it;s hard not to love them!! Break is necessary too, and old favourite is the most comfortable read. Thank you for stopping by Leisha 💕

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    1. I’m so heartbroken to hear this!! Hamad, you need to!! Heroes of Olympus is my fav series ever, I’m sure you’re gonna love it too!!!

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    1. They always pull you out from a slump!! I’ll definitely check out your post, thank you for sharing love 💕


  3. Very nice! I also enjoy Rick Riordan because his books are so much fun, and humor really snaps me out of my depressing slump. And of course, you know how much I enjoy MG books; they’re so uplifting, I don’t think I can NOT enjoy them either. ❤

    Oh, and I'd also add contemporary to the list! I don't often go for that genre, but it's a lot easier to read since the world-building is set in real life, and I don't have to put in much effort to relate to it. 😉 Terrific picks Carolina!


    1. That’s what I love most about Riordan’s books, the humor really pull me out of slump!

      Ah yes maybe hat’s why contemporaries are easier to read, because it’s usually based on our everyday lives!! Thank you so much for always being sweet 💕

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  4. YESSS DEFINITELY RICK RIORDAN! I always find myself going back to my favorite scenes in Mark of Athena when I get into a slump. Contemporary’s also great, but I can’t think of any that I actually reread. I just like to have a contemporary book in between fantasies in general. ♥

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    1. HoO is my favorite series!!! I don’t think I would re-read contemporary, except for The Selection, I love that series so much 😂. I also try to alternate between YA fantasy-YA contemporary-, MG fantasy. it’s so much fun!! Thanks for stopping by Aimee 💕


  5. I’m really excited to read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, I really enjoyed the movie so I’m excited to see all the extra scenes from the book!

    Also, yes Riordan is perfect for getting out of a slump!

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