Top 5 Tuesday: Books I’ve Read Because of Bookstagram

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah and this week’s topic is Top 5 Books I’ve Read Because of Youtube/Blog. But I decided to do Bookstagram instead.

Before I’m an active blogger, I was an active bookstagrammer (I stil am) and I mostly got books recommendation from my fellow bookstagram friends. So here are the books that I’ve read because of the influence of bookstagram community!


My dear bookstagram friend, Maggie is a huge fans of Jay Kristoff’s work so she constantly recommending me his books, especially Illuminae. I wasn’t even a fans of Sci-fi back then but I’m glad I finally gave this book a try. I love Sci-fi ever since!

The Explorer

I’ve heard so many great things about this book from one of my bookstagram friend, she didn’t even like MG book but she said that this book was exceptional! So as a MG books lover I feel the need to try it out too and I didn’t regret it because I turn out to love this book more than I expected!

The City of Brass

Some of my bookstagram friends said that this book is literally the best thing they ever read, plus this book has muslim reference so I’m in! And oh boy, I was obsessed!!

Children of Blood and Bone

This book was everywhere on social media. instagram, twitter, blog, youtube!! And I surely didn’t want to miss the hype! This is my best read so far this year!


This book was so hype in bookstagram community years ago and I was longed for a cute and fluffy YA contemporary once in a while. So I picked up this book and immediately regret my decision!


What books have you read based on your friends recommendation? Did you turn out to like that book?




25 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Books I’ve Read Because of Bookstagram

    1. Yaay hope you read it soon and like it!!

      I listened to the song, it was beautiful but kinda disturbing, the MV is beautiful though!

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    1. There was romance involved in this book and it’s the only thing I dislike about the book, it’s instalove but luckily it’s not the main focus. I think you could still enjoy it!

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      1. There are some kissing scenes but not more than that. I always skip the unnecessary romantic scenes to be honest 😂

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  1. I definitely picked up Fangirl because of all the buzz surrounding Rainbow Rowell online – people seemed to be so in love with the story that I just had to pick it up to know what it’s all about.

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  2. COBAB, City of Brass, and Illuminae are right up there on my TBR as a result of book blogging as well! And I’m sorry you weren’t a fan of Fangirl! (no pun intended haha) I actually really enjoyed it myself, but I did feel certain things weren’t wrapped up as perfectly or cleanly as they could’ve been. Just out of curiosity, what were your gripes with it?

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    1. LOLOLOL honestly I couldn’t even remember why I didn’t like that book because I read that years ago. But I’m not really a fans of romance and contemporary so my opinion might be biased 😂

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    1. Yaasss you definitely have to pick up! It was amazing and instantly become my fav! Hope you enjoy it, happy reading love 😘


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