Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 5 – Ships

Our dearly beloved series, Harry Potter will turn 21 on June 26th so everyone who’s participating in this challenge will be posting Harry Potter related to celebrate the series for a week! There’ll be a different theme each day, you can check out the details for each of them in Margaret’s post.

Okay so today is all about ships, there are couples that I think meant to be together and I actually root for them, but there are couples I don’t think had a chemistry and better off with someone else. So here goes:


1. Ron and Hermione

First couple that I adore with my whole heart is Ron and Hermione. I’ve been rooting for them since the very beginning and I’m so glad that they end up together!

giphy (12)

giphy (13)

I loove friends to lover trope and it’s even better because it’s a slow burn romance which I really like. I mean we have to wait for so long until they realize that they like each other, and God I think Ron is clueless but really sweet.

2. Neville and Luna

giphy (14)

Now, if anybody ever told me that these two don’t deserve each other than I’ll spit on their faces!


giphy (15)

Um excuse me? Does anybody really think that they fit for each other? I think they have absolutely no chemistry or whatsoever.


Do you agree with me here? Or do you have different opinion? Please tell me, promise I won’t spit on your face!



19 thoughts on “Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 5 – Ships

    1. Ahhh glad you like them too, but I have to strongly disagree with Harry and Ginny, but that’s okay though 😂


  1. I just finished re-watching the movies for this! I agree, Ron and Hermione are absolutely wonderful. I love them together. As for Harry and Ginny, I think their relationship in the book is very well done–she turns into a total bad ass, and is definitely a match for him. The movies, though, make their relationship super cringe-worthy. It’s badly written and super awkward and every time they’re on screen together, I just want to yell STOP!!!

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    1. Aaah that make sense, it’s been a long time since my last re-read so what I remember are mosly from the movie, I guess? OMG I have to re read soon!! Thank you!!

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    1. I was just thinking about it!! They’re actually much better in books, OMG I should do a re read soon, my head is playing with me!


  2. I agree with all of your relationships! Love Ron/Hermione, wish Luna/Neville ended up together, and Harry/Ginny is just meh. I didn’t like them in the movies, but I can’t remember how I felt about them in the books. I’m re-reading the series now and we’ll see!

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      1. Yeah, so far (only on book four on my re-read of the series), the thing that I missed is in book three on the way to Hogwarts, a dementor enters the train. In the book, Ginny was in the same compartment as the trio, as well as, Neville. Harry noticed that Ginny had reacted almost as poorly as he did when he came to after Lupin makes the dementor leave. This reminded me that Ginny actually has been through something so traumatic (possessed by Voldemort/Tom Riddle for months in the second book and almost died), which would be a connection the two have – both being pawns in Voldemort’s game at the expense of their lives. Too bad they didn’t explore that a bit more in the movies.

        I’m loving your posts on Harry Potter, by the way! 😀

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  3. Bwahahaha I hate Harry and Ginny too, though I don’t enjoy Ron and Hermione either. I’m a Dramione shipper, so that might have something to do with it. 😂 But yes to Neville and Luna! I was kinda surprised they didn’t end up together in the books!

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    1. Honestly I don’t know where anyone get the idea of shipping Dramione 😂 I was kinda ship Draco and Luna but I immediately realized that was messed up 😂

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      1. Pwahaha I don’t think it’s a healthy dynamic between Draco and Hermione, but I did want Draco to get a redemption arc and then they’d be okay together lol. Also, Draco and Luna is a totally interesting one! 😂

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      2. I picture Draco as a brat but he has a soft spot for Luna, and Luna is totaly clueless haha maybe I need to write a fanfic about them!

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