Harry Potter Anniversary Week: Day 3 – Top 7 characters

Our dearly beloved series, Harry Potter will turn 21 on June 26th so everyone who’s participating in this challenge will be posting Harry Potter related to celebrate the series for a week! There’ll be a different theme each day, you can check out the details for each of them in Margaret’s post.

This is the third day of the challenge and of course we’re going to pick favorites again! Aaah alright I’ll do it, but this is not in particular order because you can’t make me rank them!

giphy (4)

Harry Potter

Well of course I like him he’s the whole deal of this series. Although to be quite honest, he might be the least favorite of this top 7. He’s brave, obviously, but he’s not the one who thinks before he acts and that sometimes hurt other people.

giphy (1)

Ron Weasley aka My Bae

I honestly can’t imagine if there’s no character as clumsy and awkward, and funny, and also as charming as Ron in this series. He’s no brave, no smart, but he sure is the most loyal friend!

giphy (2)

Hermione Granger

My most favorite woman in this whole series! She’s like the whole package, smart, brave, wise, sass, and she stands by Harry literally all the time!

giphy (6)

Neville Longbottom

Now now, let’s talk about character development. Neville’s character gradually and dramatically developed throughout every books. From the coward little boy to a man who dare an army of Deatheaters. He’s the literal defintion of “From Zero to Hero”!

giphy (5)

Fred and George Weasley

Who doesn’t love this guys? They brought us a lot of fun and laughter with their pranks and their jokes. But they also broke our heart and brought us to tears 😭

giphy (7)

Minerva Mc.Gonagall

The best teacher in Hogwarts! She’s one of the woman I respected the most, she’s so strict,sassy and a little grumpy, but her heart is in a perfect place.

giphy (3)

Molly Weasley

I have to included this sweet woman too in my top 7 because she’s literally the sweetest, and the bravest mother who would do anything for her children, and for Harry.


Whos’s your top 7 characters of Harry Potter series?


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