Title: Scythe
Author: Neal Shusterman
Publisher: Simon Schuster Books for Young Reader
Pages: 435 pages
Year of Publication: November 2016
31788411_197332754412755_7334021833219375104_n (1)
lineWOW. Just wow, you guys. And this ‘wow’ is not in a good way. I mean wow, I didn’t know that I could even finish this book in the first place, but I did it, after 3 weeks of reading. That’s right, I read this book for 3 painful weeks. I know I always power through every book but this one is really testing me, seriously, I didn’t even remember how many times I considered to DNF this. I was so ready to gave this book 2 star but the last few chapters are surprisingly not so bad, so 2,5 star is my final verdict!

WARNING: This review contain spoilers because I need to rant and vent about this book. So if you want to read this book and don’t want to be spoiled please don’t read this!


I’m sure you’re already know what this book is about but I’ll still write them down for you in case anyone doesn’t. So this book is set in the world where human has reach the highest achievement, there are no war, hunger, disease, even death. The only way human could actually die is to be “gleaned” by the chosen people who called themselves Scythe, this has to be done to avoid overpopulation. And in this book we follows Citra and Rowan as they are chosen to be an apprentice to a Scythe called Faraday, to master the ‘art’ of killing.

You know what? The blurb is kinda interesting right? But here’s the thing, the blurb is the only thing that’s good, the rest of this book? Not so much and definitely not worth my 3 long weeks.

The plot have so many holes. For example, no Scythe ever taken two apprentices, so why now? Why them? Because honestly I don’t even know why Citra and Rowan are chosen. Is it because she’s a rude kid, or because they aren’t afraid to stand up to a Scythe, or what? In the end of apprenticeship only one of them can become a Scythe and the chosen one has to glean the other. The idea of one has to kill one another is basically a total crap, it feels so forced, like they just did this to spice things up because there are nothing worth doing in this perfect world anymore, so yeah here’s an exciting idea, why don’t we make they kill each other instead! That would be fun!! And dude, what’s the deal with this Faraday guy? He’s like the elder of the Scythes, and he seems wise and all that but then guess what he did? He ‘literally’ run from his problems and let two poor children bear the shits he left behind!

Okay there are two kind of Scythes, the one who glean mercifully and the one who prefer massacre and bloodbath. We were always reminded that Scythe is a very noble profession yet they didn’t have a clear system on this gleaning business, all they have is their stupid ten rules. They’re all out killing people but they only have TEN fricking rules? Like seriously, why would they allow massacre for God sake?!

And don’t even get me started on the pace, my God it was so slow and dragged too much. It actually made want to kill myself and be done with all of this.


I know that in dystopian/utopian book we’re not supposed to focus on the worldbuilding because we have to accept the world that the author built, so I’m not gonna argue with whatever weird things the author writes about the world. But I admit I love the idea of this future world. It’s actually pretty cool, there are nanites in human’s blood which act like a painkiller, there’s this conscious internet called Thunderhead which basically act as a government (except, it can’t control the Scythedom), nobody actually does and discover things anymore because in this perfect world, humanity had conquered all.


The characters are all one dimensional, flat, and boring. I honestly don’t care for any of the characters. There are actually some moments where I thought the characters are going to develop but nooo they does not! Even the villain is unbelievable, I usually adore the villain character because ‘usually’ they have more complexities than the protagonist, which make them three dimensional but nope, the villain in this book is just a boring psycopath.


So basically this book is about a bunch of folks wearing stupid robe and playing Gods. I don’t even know what’s the point of this book seriously. This book is definitely not for me, I actually don’t know why so many people love this book. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will put this book in the back of my shelf never to be seen again!


Have you read this book? Do you like it? If yes, what make you like this book?





13 thoughts on “Scythe

    1. I’m easily please when it comes to YA fantasy and dystopian but this is really not for me. But I’m glad that you like it! Thank you so much!!!


  1. Hmm, I’d heard completely opposing things about this book from my trusted bloggers (like, half of them love it and the other half hated it) so I’m very conflicted. I think I’ll probably give this a go, but I can absolutely see where your complaints are coming from. 😉 Excellent review!


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