Title: Granted
Author: John David Anderson
Publisher: Walden Pond Press
Pages: 336 pages
Year of Publication: 2018
Rating: 4

lineI got this book from Owlcrate Jr March “I WISH” box. To be honest I’ve never seen or heard about this book or the author anywhere before so I had no expectation on this book. I dove into it blindly, not knowing anything beside it’s about a fairy,  well at least the cover said so.


The story follows Ophelia Delphinium Fidget, an ambitious and perfectionist little fairy, actually she’s not just an ordinary fairy, she’s a granter, the most noble profession among fairies. A granter’s job is to make sure every wishes made by human were granted, either the wishes made by blowing up birthday candle, dandelion, wishing on stars, wells, or flipping coins to the fountains, it’s a granter’s job to grant them. But the granter have to go to the human world to sprinkle their dust on whatever thing human used to make the wish, and it could be quite an adventure.

After many years training, Ophelia finally given her first mission, her first wish to grant. She prepared for this moment for her entire life, but the journey she’s about to take is not as easy as it seems. Ophelia was faced with so many obstacles in her journey, she was forced to get out of her comfort zone, and surprisingly made an unusual friendship.


I love Anderson’s writing, it’s perfect for middle grade. Simple, enjoyable, and easy to understand. It’s full of pun and humorous line.


The Haven, which is the place where fairies live seems to be a wonderful and well built place. I instantly could imagine how tiny creatures fly from tree to tree, so busy with their own job. I love the idea about how fairies were born and how they got their name, and about various profession of fairies, it was very unique and a fun idea! Ophelia’s journey to grant the wish is very adventurous. You could see the human world, our world, from an entirely different perspective.


Ophelia is a perfectionist, ambitious, and the most persistent creature I’ve ever read. She doesn’t easily gave up whenever life hit her in the wings. She simply doesn’t know how to gave up and she really hate being a failure. Now that seems to be a relatable character.

Charlie is Ophelia’s best friend, in fact, he was Ophelia’s only friend. Charlie, on the other hand is a very lazy and least ambitious fairy,but he’s surely a very good friend and has a heart of gold.

Sam, is the funniest, most entertaining, straighforward, and lovable character. I always had a good laugh whenever he speaks. And he’s the most loyal friend I’ve ever known!


🧚 You could find friendship even in the strangest places and situations, you just have to admit that you need it. And there will always be someone who look up to you even in your worst of time

🧚 No matter how hard life punch you in the wing, or face, you just have to fight back and don’t ever give up

🧚 Sometimes you’ll have to choose to do what other people think is best and to do what YOU think is best even if it cost you something. It’s your choice. But you’ll have no regret if you do what you’re told yourself.


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