March “I WISH” Owlcrate Jr Box

Yaaaay it’s unboxing time again! And I’ve got a good news, I’ve been chosen as a rep again for April-June period!! OMG you don’t know how grateful I am to be a rep for this amazing company again!

So this is it, March “I WISH” box, let’s see what’s inside this magical box!


✨ March book of the month is GRANTED by John David Anderson! This is an absolutely delightful story all about what happens when we make wishes, and the fairies that make them come true! Each book came with a signed bookplate, a special letter from the author, and a ‘find your fairy name’ activity sheet!

My fairy name turn out to be Fallon Rose Stillwater, follow the step in the card to find out yours!

1. Your fav plant will be your fairy middle name
2. Your trait will be your fairy last name
3. First letter of your first name will be your fairy first name

So who’s yours?


✨ Our monthly collectible pin, designed by @foxville_art
✨ A sticker with a funny two-headed monster making a wish, designed by @aclaussdesign
✨ A delicious fruity bath bomb from @fizzyfairyapothecary with a genie themed charm inside!
✨ A beautiful Cinderella themed tassel bookmark, designed by @eviebookish


✨ A pack of 24 neon birthday candles, to brighten up your next birthday cake
✨ And a 100 piece Horned Poppy Flower Fairy puzzle from the @newyorkpuzzleco

Have you ordered April box? Well if you haven’t then you should, because the theme is MYTH AND MIGHT, guys! If you’re a fan of Percy Jackson or basically all of Rick Riordan’s books, The School for Good and Evil, Bartimaeus Trilogy, and all kind of mythology then you should order April box. The theme is MYTH AND MIGHT, there will be a PJ pillowcase by @stellabookishart and other wonderful goodies and of course the book! It’s gonna be perfect for all mythology fans! Use OLOGYST10 to get 10% off your first subscription 💋



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