Title: Nevermoor
Author: Jessica Townsend
Publisher: Orion Childrens Book
Pages: 374 pages
Year of Publication: 2017
Rating: (1)
lineI get asked a lot which fantasy world I’d die to visit, and for years my answer will be “ J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World, duh.” Until Jessica Townsend introduced me to a whole new magical world called Nevermoor.

It’s not like I would replace Harry Potter series with this book, but for all this time, it’s been the ONLY books I always came back to. But not anymore! Nevermoor now hold a special place in my heart too.

I was always waiting for my Hogwarts letter you know, but now, a patron to get me to Nevermoor sounds as promising too. Okay enough rambling, I’m gonna tell you how amazing this book is.

The dust jacket is okay, but the cover is freaking georgeous! It’s the prettiest cover I’ve ever seen. It’s a full illustration of houses with glittering gold dots front to back, it’s truly magical, bravo!

Every children born on Eventide was cursed, they bring bad luck to people and were destined to die on their eleventh birthday. And Morrigan was one of those unlucky children. She’s blamed for all misfortunes, broken hip, heart attack, even the lose of her friend’s spelling bee competition just because she wished him good luck. As Morrigan awaits her doom day, a strange man named Jupiter North appears and get her into the safety of a magical city called Nevermoor. To belong in Nevermoor, she has to join a prestigious organisation called Wundrous Society, a place for gifted and extraordinary talented children, she must compete with hundreds of children to secure a place in the society. But how could she pass the trials if she has no talent at all? She need to find a way, or she’ll have to leave the city and go back to her old boring life to confront her deadly fate once and for all.

The pace is perfect, not too fast and not too slow, it’s flowing before you know it and it’s very enjoyable.

I was just gonna say “AMAZING, TRULY MAGICAL, WUNDROUS, BREATHTAKING”. But you probably want me to elaborate. Now where should I start?
Nevermoor is so full of magic, the city itself is run by magic. In Nevermoor, Morrigan stays in the Hotel Deucalion owned by Jupiter North. So most of the story revolving around this place. You’ll be amazed at how Townsend described the magical hotel, you’ll be as excited as Morrigan the first time she ventured around the hotel. There are so many magical creatures in this book, there’s a vampire-dwarf, a talking magnificat, a real santa claus, and many more creatures you could find in the myth books.

I LOVE MORRIGAN CROW, she is a bold and funny little girl, even though she was always blamed by everyone, she always act cool and strong. She and her friend Hawthorne make the best duo ever! I love how they form an alliance and do silly things, OH AND I LOVE THEIR silly conversations, it’s been so long since a book made me laugh my lungs out. And I now have a favorite magical creature, it’s Fenestra the magnificat, she’s sassy and always made sarcastic comment, but she has a magnifiheart!

“You don’t need to do anything, understand? I’ll get us to the target, just be ready to hit it once I say so. You don’t steer, or brake- and if you kick me in the sides even once, I’ll hide raw sardines in your room. You’ll never find them, but the stench will seep deep into your skin and clothes and invade your dreams at night until you go mad. Got it?”

See? Sassy and sarcastic.

That’s about it! I can hardly wait for the second book! Bravo, Jessica Townsend, bravo!



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